Do you think paper flowers appear nowadays? If so – you are wrong! Artisans of over the world have been crafting them almost from when the paper was conceived. They became popular in nowadays from the Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2009 Haute Couture show, where 7,000 handmade white paper flowers were used for decorations.

Paper flowers. History tour

When the Chinese invented paper in 100 B.C., they started to use it for making different crafts, including paper flowers.
The flowers would be placed in buoyant containers and then floated in water as a meditative religious offering. These flowers traveled along the Silk Road and reached the nearest countries, such as Vietnam. Paper lotus flowers are still using for decorating altars there. Paper flowers appeared in Europe only in the 11th century.

What is a paper flower

Then it spread quickly to colonies. The Mayans had developed a bark-paper in the 5th century A.D. and already had a tradition of using paper flowers for decorations. Demand for the paper flowers grew, and today a lot of festivals for paper flower decorating held throughout the country.

Women of a certain class in Victorian England were not entitled to work according to their status, but to do something was considered a virtue. This became fertile ground for the development of various crafts, and the creating of paper flowers was at the top of popularity.

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Real flowers were sorted into petals and studied in detail, as well as cut out patterns from paper – so that the flower turned out as realistic as possible.
Petals were tinted and apply wax to the finish. Ready-made paper flowers were placed throughout the house and were considered an indispensable accessory.

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