You can use both natural and paper roses for your decorations, bouquets, and gifts. A language of flowers has formed throughout the history of bouquets giving. A man giving roses – will say a lot with his gift. Confident people who value stability and comfort choose these flowers as a gift.

Real looking paper roses

The history of rose flowers

The rosebud was considered a symbol of infinity among the Greeks since its round shape has no beginning or end. In addition, the leaves in the rosebud twisted so tightly that you cannot unwrap it, but as soon as it opens, its petals begin to fade.

Going on a campaign, the Roman warriors took off their helmets and instead wore rose wreaths, since they believed that courage flowed into their hearts.

Also, a rose was considered a symbol of courage – on the day of the triumphant entry into Rome, Scipio, an African famous Roman commander, allowed his soldiers to carry roses in their hands and also ordered to knock out images of roses on their shields. It was believed that this will perpetuate the memory of the bravery of warriors.

Silence is another symbol of the rose. Artificial roses attached to the ceiling of the halls during feasts were dedicated to Harpocrates – the god of silence. The meaning of roses acquired an exclusively loving character in the 19th century.

Roses colors meaning

white rose symbol

The white rose is a symbol of strong, pure and eternal love, which is they are a good present for a wedding.

red rose symbol

The red rose symbolizes true, passionate love and desire. Also, these flowers are presented as a sign of admiration and respect.

red and white roses symbol

The mix of red and white roses one bouquet means harmonious love, unanimity, lasting and long friendship, union.

pink rose symbol

Pink rose is a symbol of sophistication, courtesy, elegance. Pink roses are also a symbol of the beginning of a relationship, hinting at nascent feelings that can turn into a passion in the near future.

burgundy rose symbol

Scarlet and burgundy rose is a symbol of love, admiration and frantic passion. Traditionally, it is customary to give burgundy roses on February 14 on Valentine’s Day to express your feelings.

yellow rose symbol

The yellow rose has the most positive meanings – joy, happiness, friendship. People living long in marriage give yellow roses as a sign of the regularity and sweetness of family relationships. Another meaning of yellow roses is reconciliation. Good idea – to present a bouquet of yellow roses after a quarrel, which means – let’s make it up and start all over again.

blue rose symbol

Blue roses symbolize inaccessibility and mystery.

green rose symbol

Green roses are a symbol of generosity, abundance and fertility.

black rose symbol

Black roses mean efficiency, seriousness, a new start in business, spiritual growth and strength.

lavender rose symbol

Lavender shades symbolize greatness, wealth and glory. This is a traditional 25th-anniversary gift.

Paper roses at a wedding

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For many years, roses are an irreplaceable favorite in wedding florists. Roses symbolize elegance and incredible beauty – the classics are always in trend!

Roses are suitable for decorating any holiday and as a gift for any event. The bridal bouquet is the main wedding accessory. The color scheme is chosen for the wedding dress and the general theme of the wedding. The main colors should also be in the groom’s boutonniere, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, as well as bouquets of bridesmaids. Each table should be decorated with a floral arrangement. You can also decorate the cake with paper roses. Do not be afraid to experiment! Happy smiles and surprised looks of the guests are the best rewards.

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