You can use both natural and paper peonies for your bouquets, gifts, and decorations. Peony is one amongst the oldest plants. the traditional peoples (Egyptians, Babylonians) set gardens during which plants brought from different countries were specially fully grown. Persians and Greeks cultivated gardens for instructional functions. The primary descriptions of flower were found in those days.

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Peony history tour

Peony is a truly luxurious flower. It has long been worthy of the artist’s paintings and palace halls. No wonder he is considered the king of all flowers. In its beauty and splendor, a peony competed with a rose. Peony was loved both in ancient Europe and in ancient China. There a lot of legends about its wonderful properties. People were believed that it heals and scares away evil spirits.

A peony decorated the imperial gardens more than 1,500 years ago in China. Skillful court gardeners bred new varieties every time. Surprisingly, ordinary people were not allowed to grow peonies in their garden. It was a very expensive flower, and it was considered a symbol of wealth and nobility. To present peonies nowadays – means a wish of good and prosperity.
Until now, peony is considered a flower that inflames passion in the East. Young girls are encouraged to keep it in their rooms for attracting love.

A peony flower was considered a symbol of longevity in ancient Greece. It is believed that it got its name from the Greek word “paionios”, which in translation sounds like a healer.
The mass conquest of Europe by a peony begins at the beginning of the 19th century. New varieties of this flower fall from China to the territory of modern England, France and the Netherlands. And they immediately win the hearts of European gardeners.

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Peonies legends

One of the ancient legends says that there was a doctor named Peon, a student of the god of healing Aesculapius. He treated people so successfully that he surpassed his teacher. It was rumored that all of his successes were due to the fact that he applied in his healing some amazing plant with healing properties. When Peon healed the god of the dead, Aesculapius burned with envy and decided to kill him. But the god of the underworld defended Peon and turned it into a beautiful flower. The evasive peony got its name because it managed to evade revenge.

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According to Chinese legend, one gardener developed a peony variety of stunning beauty. But the prince out of envy decided to destroy everything, and when he came into the garden, he mercilessly stomped all the flowers. The unfortunate gardener with tears in his eyes looked at this vandalism. Then he could not stand it and beat the envious prince. Fortunately, out of nowhere, the peony fairy appeared, waved her wand and the dream garden was reborn. The offended prince promised to execute the gardener, and destroy the garden. But then, as if by magic, all the peonies turned into beautiful girls, and waved their sleeves so that the prince was blown away. The amazed and contented people rejoiced over the skilled gardener, and the peony garden continues to delight many more with its beauty.

Paper peonies at the wedding

Peonies at a wedding mean good luck and a happy marriage, so it is not surprising that these fluffy, lushly blooming flowers with tousled petals are the limit of all the dreams of most brides! I want you to read everything you need to know about this feminine flower, including some ideas of how even with a small budget you can use this flower in your bouquet.
Peonies are large and very lush flowers, and that is probably why they attract brides so much. For the Chinese, this is a flower that means luck and blooming relationships of a married couple, just as magnificent and full as the peonies themselves.

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Whether your wedding is creative and unusual, or modern, in a luxury style, in any of these styles you can use peonies in the design. Using them as the main flower without any other related additives will give the celebration a luxurious look. If you prefer variety, but so that it is no less vibrant, you can add roses or ranunculus flowers.

If you have a limited budget, and you cannot use peonies everywhere, then note where the photographer will work most and what to shoot. For example, some brides order peonies, only for their bouquet and/or on the table of the bride and groom, while others prefer to use peonies in their entire design so that guests can also enjoy the beauty of this flower.

Tip: Peony is a flower with huge petals, so you can use fewer colors in your compositions, which will also impress guests. I suggest mixing peonies with other (less expensive) flowers or making a bouquet a little smaller than a standard bouquet for a bride, so you can little save your budget.

How to replace or complement peonies in the bouquet

Brides choose peonies because of their large size, beautiful petals, so if you already understand what you want exactly this flower in your bouquet, then replacing it is impossible, but you should pay attention to alternative options:

1. Ranunculus
Ranunculus (also called buttercup) is very similar to a peony with a density of petals but has a more symmetrical and layered appearance. Although this particular flower is very often put in place of the replacement of peonies. A fully open ranunculus flower is much smaller than an open peony flower, about 2-3 times.

crepe paper ranunculus
2. Rose
Ordinary standard roses are also a great option. Roses have a beautiful structure of petals that other flowers do not have, and they can also come in a color scheme that fits your peonies best way. They can be less or more blossom, or mixed.

crepe paper roses

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