Do you want to know the reasons to choose paper flowers? Read below – to recognize them for making the right choice.

1. Paper flowers are not allergic

no Pollen allergies

Pollen allergies will interrupt your everyday activities with instinctive reflex, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. Avoiding the trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds that trigger your allergies may be a smart opening. And using paper flowers is a good decision in this case.







2. There is a wide choice of colors – to satisfy every taste

crepe paper colors

Existing colors gamma of crepe paper allows creating like unusual colorful compositions and natural looks flower arrangements.

3. Paper flowers have an awesome realistic look, they will look great live and in your photos

realistic look paper flowers

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4. Paper flowers are quite strong and will not be damaged during your wedding

strong paper flowers

Crepe paper holds its shape very well, and even if the flowers will be little bit crumple – they are very easy restorable.

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5. You could keep them as long as you need, or forever, and admire them:))

incredible paper peonies

6. They could be used for home decor or party decor multiple times

home and party decor

You could decorate your party with paper flowers and after that use them for home decor, or keep them in boxes (for protection from sunlight – to avoid colors fading) and then use for other occasions! You can even rent them many times – a good idea for wedding and party planners.

7. You could use them as an awesome gift for your friends or even pass by inheritance

bridesmaids bouquets as gifts

For example, use bridesmaids bouquets as Save The Date gifts, which your friends could keep for a very long time and use as home decoration and memory about your Big Day.

8. Colors will fade in some time and your flowers take beautiful vintage looks.

Take a look these are the same flowers before and after 2-3 years.

paper peonies bouquet

You know now all the reasons to choose paper flowers, and hope you will make the right choice ?

All flowers that you see on these pics were made by me and you could order them in my ETSY shop
Welcome! I will glad to see you and make something special for you!